Hello, and welcome.

I am writing this blog partly to introduce myself, and partly to explain the reason behind this blog.

After a science degree, a career in science and technology marketing followed by communications, I decided to change career and undertook teacher training. I am now tremendously excited to be starting my business as a tutor.  I really enjoy the interaction, feedback and the relationships built with single or small groups of pupils as compared to the larger classroom setting.  I believe that tuition can play an important role in supporting the work of schools, and I hope to really help students understand - and, importantly, enjoy - science.

The ethos of my business is to try and make science relevant and fun, and to truly focus on the individual.  I know great teachers who are able to manage classes of differing abilities, but it's still nigh on impossible to give every individual a personalised learning experience.  Clearly tuition has an advantage over classroom teaching in this sense, and this is probably why research shows that more and more parents are turning to tuition for their children.

What kind of tuition works best?  Well the answer is - impossible to say.  One only has to log onto mumsnet or similar and look at polarising forum views on, say, Kumon to see how learning works differently for each child.

If there is one thing I want to achieve with my business, it's finding the angle which engages each child.

This blog will be a forum to discuss emerging issues in education, tuition - such as the tutor/school relationship - and anything else I deem relevant - well, it is my blog!!

Please stop by and comment!