Exam revision resources

Here are some exam revision resources that I have come across via various tweets. I hope they are useful to you.

Thanks to @tesScience, @MyGCSEscience, @teachingofsci, @planetscience, @schoolsworld, @getrevising, @OCRscience, @revisioncentre, @BiologyAnswers @BioLecturer, @sciencegeeks, @SciGeeks,  for signposts, and contributions.

Great AQA C1 chemistry revision poster from Vemann86 via TES - lots of info, and can look overwhelming - but shows links between key themes too, so stick with it.

yr_10_revision_poster.ppt yr_10_revision_poster.ppt
Size : 1055.5 Kb
Type : ppt

AQA Physics GCSE revision notes from valdixon via TES - make sure you only use what is relevant for your papers.

Revision_support.docx Revision_support.docx
Size : 1241.297 Kb
Type : docx

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